Sweet Pea Salad
15 minutes

This makes a beautiful- and delicious summer salad and it’s a great way to eat your daily greens.


3 cups  (750ml)  -  Sugar snap peas
¼ cup  (63ml) -  Almonds, roughly chopped
3 tbsp  (45ml)  -  Wildly Delicious Caramelized Maple and Onion Confit
2 tsp  (10ml)  -  Roughly chopped mint
2 tbsp  (30ml)  -  crumbled goats cheese
2 tsp  (10ml)  -  Petite Maison Merlot Vinegar

  • Shell snap peas, place the peas in a bowl and set aside
  • Take pea pods and finely julienne them
  • Place them in the bowl with the peas and add onion confit, mint, goats cheese  and merlot vinegar
  • Mix together, garnish with a fresh mint sprig